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Characters do not need to be a fairy, witch or specialist to be entered into this database. All that matters is related that their stories are related to the Winx Club. Creativity is a must!

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Featured Character
Alicia Wilson

Alicia Wilson is a new member of the Winx and is the chosen one to possess the grand power of the Snow Phoenix, similarity to Bloom as to possess the Great Dragon. She proclaims herself as the fairy of the Snow Phoenix.

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Featured Fan-Fiction
The Indira Chronicles/Book 1: The Chosen One

"You can't do this!" the young girl screamed, breaking the silence. She kicked at the guard restraining her, but it got her nowhere. Her powers had been drained as well as her energy. She had no fight left in her.

"We can do this. We have permission from the Magical Society. For your crimes, you will pay," the guard growls. "Now shut up and stop flailing. You are only making things worse for yourself."

"If you let me go, I can promise you a life of wealth. I am the strongest Fairy in the Magic Dimension!"

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